15 Facts You Didn’t Know About The British Royal Family

Through the years, the wars, the revolutions, and many other political and economic crisis in which they’ve faced, Europe’s political scheme is far from being what it once was. Feudal lords, centralized power, and parliaments, until finally, in the 20th century, the figure of presidents and prime ministers was introduced.

One of the most remarkable cases in that of the United Kingdom, which has preserved its customs and traditions regarding the monarchy. And although the British Royal Family has managed to survive, today, it has less power—fairly any—when it comes to the laws of each country, but it still has great legitimacy in some sectors of society, all in the name of morals, customs, the Church, and God.

The British monarchy is a clear example of how tradition can adapt to survive.

So, who are they exactly? These are 15 facts about the British Royal Family that you probably didn’t know.


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