24 Stars Share Their Best No-Makeup Selfies

It is not uncommon to see celebrities walking down the red carpet all glammed up, with a full face of heavy makeup. We are even used to see them starring at our favorite magazines’ covers looking stanched, but probably—and in some cases very obviously— as the result of good lighting and a lot of help from almighty Photoshop.

What is not that common is to see A+ Hollywood stars looking just as good and confident completely barefaced, with absolutely not a single drop of makeup on.

Their fame and fortune often goes hand in hand with the scrutiny of the media, especially when it comes to their appearance. But these stars feel so comfortable in their own skin, that even without the regular ton of makeup they wear in movies, video clips, photoshoots, and all kinds of exclusive events, they happen to look just as flawless.

And we mean so good, that they are even willing to share it with the entire world.

To celebrate #NationalSelfieDay, these are 24 start that have shared their best makeup-free selfies, looking better than ever. They woke up like this.


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