Late Bloomers: 21 Celebrities Who Became Dads Over The Age of 50


One of the phenomena that has grown over the last decade is that of late paternity. Unlike women, whose odds of becoming pregnant vastly diminish as soon as menopause hits, men can continue to procreate until they are all wrinkled and gray.

Just a couple days ago, George Clooney joined the club and became a dad for the first time at the age of 56! Talk about a late bloomer…

There may be no perfect age to become a parent, but with a more-than-well stablished career and millions in their bank accounts, these celebrities have taken it to the extreme—some of them becoming dads past the 65 years old mark.

These “start over dads” are willing to change diapers, do piggy back rides, and enjoy their kids regardless of their age. Maybe that’s their idea of a fun retirement…

These are 21 celebrities that “planted the seed” over the age of 50. Click through to see these late bloomers…


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