Overkill Or Fierce? 16 Bold Makeup Looks Of The Red Carpet

When it comes to the red carpets in Hollywood, more than the celebrities themselves, their looks are the stars of the show. Designer night gowns, elegant pieces of jewelry, impeccable hairdo’s. But none of these would be complete without the ultimate finishing touch: the makeup.

Most celebrities tend to go with the classic red carpet makeup look—and natural, but yet flawless face—, and let the rest of their outfits do the work. And as beautiful as they look (and they always do!), that style is nothing we haven’t seen before.

That’s why when A+ personalities walk down the red carpet rocking makeup looks that are a little bit riskier, it is always as refreshing as it is fascinating! We are taking about bold winged liners, intense cut creases, and the craziest lip colors.

Now, don’t get us wrong. Just because someone steps out of their comfort zone doesn’t mean that will always pull it off. While some of these bold makeup looks are definite hits, others—let’s up it this way—should’ve stick to the classic red carpet look.

Regardless, these are the 16 boldest makeup looks of the red carpet.


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