Birthday Special: All Of Stanley Kubrick’s 13 Films Ranked

Stanly Kubrick was a man who dreamed, breath, and lived for cinema. His almost obsessive passion for reaching perfection in the seventh art led him to revolutionize the industry with his unparalleled talent.

The eccentric filmmaker passed on a legacy of unforgettable titles, but there are only thirteen of them. Nevertheless, there is not one film by Kubrick that isn’t worth watching, either for its inherent value of for how it informs his other works.

In the words of Martin Scorsese, “watching a Kubrick film is like gazing up at a mountaintop. You look up and wonder, how could anyone have climbed that high?”.

What better way to honor the unique genius than remembering his work? Celebrating what would have been his 89th birthday, here are all of Stanley Kubrick’s 13 films ranked, from the best to the rest.


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