Flashback Friday! 31 Celebrities And Their Yearbook Photos

When we hear about Jennifer Lopez, we automatically think of her perfect, glowing skin, while we hum one of her many songs in our heads. And what about George Clooney? His successful career, and of course his sexy appeal, are the first things that come to our mind when we talk about him.

But before becoming some of the biggest celebrities of our generation, these artists had to worry about finishing their English homework, getting on time to their math class, and looking good for their yearbook photo.

Although this last one didn’t work for all of them.

For many of us, our teenage years were not necessarily our best moment. Acne, bad haircuts, and our still-developing bodies did not make for a killer combo. But school yearbooks have immortalized our terrible looks, even for celebrities.

This is how 31 celebrities looked like when they attended school.


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