30 Game Of Thrones Behind-The-Scenes Pictures You Have To See

Game of Thrones is the queen of all series: unpredictable, intense, wild, but above all, epic. Every chapter adds a new problem to the already chaotic plot written by the one and only George R.R. Martin.

But as surprising as the end result that we enjoy in our TV is, the filming process of the show’s episodes is not always that… heroic.

Forget about queens with silver hair, red witches, and white walker—a.k.a. zombies of yesteryear—in between takes, the cast of Game of Thrones are just ordinary people, doing their not-so-ordinary job, earning their not-so-ordinary pay, and having fun with friends they’ve known for at least 8 years, since the pilot was shot in 2009.

Game of Throne may be near its end, but at least we’ll always have these 30 pictures to remind us how entertaining this series is—both on and off the screen.


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