Happy Middle Child Day! The Best Middle Siblings In The History of TV And Movies

Being the middle child is a curse! You’ll never be your parent’s first pride and joy, and you’ll never be their precious little baby. You’re stuck in the middle. You are that dude that more often than not gets lost in the shuffle of a big family. Well, quoting legendary Full House mid kid Stephanie Tanner—how rude!

The middle child might not be as cool as the oldest or as adorable as the youngest of the squad, but that doesn’t mean they aren’t the superior sibling. The middle children in this list—well, most of them—are logical, smart, and often the leader of their gang, whether it is their family or friends.

Middle children are the filling to your ice cream sandwich!

In celebration of the National Middle Child Day over the weekend, we present to you our favorite middle sibling in the history of TV and movies. These 15 classic characters will prove you the middle child really is the best!


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