The Big Bang Theory Cast 10 Years After Its Premiere

Our whole universe was in a hot dense state, then nearly 10 years ago, The Big Bang Theory premiered on CBS!

It’s been a decade since a naïve blonde named Penny and a group of 4 geniuses lacking on any social skills were brought together in an apartment building (with no elevator!) somewhere in California.

Who would imagine that people from all around the world would obsessed over the lives of some of the geekiest, most awkward characters in the history of television. But, against all odds, we all fell in love with them, and 11 seasons later, and 10 years after the first episode aired, we still can’t get enough of Sheldon Dr. Sheldon Cooper and his gang!

Celebrating its 10th anniversary , here’s a photo gallery to show you how bad the cast of the Big Bang Theoyr has aged in 10 years…


They look better than ever!


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