Birthday Special: Beyoncé’s 20 Most Epic Instagram Moments

You know how you wait for that perfect “Instagram worthy” moment so you can take a picture and share it with your followers on the app? Well, Beyoncé doesn’t.

Queen B has a pretty freaking amazing life! She’s married to Jay-Z, she’s mom to Blue Ivy and the new-born Carter twins, she’s the singer of Lemonade, and she basically is the most amazing living artist of our generation. Her entire life is an Instagram worthy moment!

And still, the older Knowles sister continues to find new ways to blow our minds away with her amazing pictures. Like that time when she broke the internet—sorry, Kim K—with her millennial-style pregnancy announcement. Or that day when her picture with Mona Lisa became more famous than the painting itself —sorry, da Vinci.

After 36 years of life and almost 5 years in the social network, these are the 20 most epic Instagram moments of Beyoncé—just to name a few.


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