15 Graphic Pictures Of Celebrities Who Have Injured Themselves

  • Ed Sheeran broke his right wrist and left elbow in a bike accident last week. (Photo: Instagram)

  • Miley was hospitalized after getting gash in her arm. She documented the entire repair process. (Photo: Instagram)

  • Nick Jonas banged up his knees while shooting the music video for his song Levels. (Photo: Instagram)

  • We don’t know how Nina Dobrev ended up with a big bleeding scrape on her knee, but she still looked amazing! (Photo: Instagram)

  • Perrie Edwards suffered severe burns on her hand and arm after the pilot light on her stove blew up. Ouchie! (Photo: Instagram)

  • Taylor Swift cut herself with a kitchen knife! You can’t find this picture on her Twitter anymore, but we’ve got your back… and her finger. Thumbs up for us? (Photo: Instagram)

  • Jimmy Fallon has injured himself a lot. The man is out of control! But this picture of when he chipped his tooth is… perfect in a very cringy way. (Photo: Instagram)

  • A pyrotechnics mishap on stage left the 5 Seconds of Summer guy with burns on his face. Fortunately, Michael Clifford has recovered without any noticeable marks! (Photo: Twitter)

  • We don’t know the whole story. All we know is that Miley ran into a cat, and things went a little wrong… (Photo: Instagram)

  • Miley loves animals, but this cat clearly didn’t like her! (Photo: Instagram)

  • Mandy Moored ended up with a black eye and some stitches after a nasty row with her shower door. (Photo: Instagram)

  • Chrissy Teigen revealed a huge dark bruise on her inner thigh after performing a stunt in Lip Sync Battle. (Photo: Twitter)

  • Jennifer Lopez had a rough day at work! The singer showed off her black eye after filming her show Shades of Blue. (Photo: Instagram)

  • Heidi Klum and Zac Posen got bandaged up at the hospital after stepping on a rusty nail! (Photo: Instagram)

  • Kelly Ripa and her husband Mark Consuelos both hurt their feet at the same time! Seems like they couldn’t do much to take care of each other! (Photo: Instagram)

Ed Sheeran broke his right wrist and left elbow in a bike accident last week. (Photo: Instagram)

Celebrities have fame and fortune, but some of them could use some good luck in the health department!

Whether they are unlucky, clumsy, overly adventurous, or this simply are part of the occupational hazards, these celebrities have severely injured themselves—some of them more than once! But that hasn’t stopped them from grabbing their phones, taking a selfie, and posting it in their social media.

This week we learned that Ed Sheeran broke his right wrist and left elbow in a bike accident. But that only makes him one more in on our list of 15 celebrities who have posted their injured themselves and documented it all on Instagram and Twitter.

GORE ALERT: Some of these are more than just boo-boos! But what the heck, it is October. Get in the mood!

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