Britney Spears Is Turning 36, But She’s Got The Body Of A 20-Year-Old!

Considering that the life expectancy for women in the United States is an average of 78 years, as crazy as it sounds, it’s fair to say that as of today, Britney Spears has practically reached the middle age.

Luckily for Britney, she’s already gone through all the emotional crisis that a human being can suffer in a lifetime, so this stage is no problem for her. In fact, it’s quite the opposite! Today, the Princess of Pop is better than ever: happy, in love, taking care of her two sons, and incredibly healthy in mind and heart.

And we can see it not only in the continuously smashing success of her career, but also in her looks. Because Britney may be turning 36, but she looks way better than when she sang Baby One More Time for the first time almost 10 years ago.

Celebrating the birthday of one of the greatest icons of our generation, here are 18 pictures of Britney showing off the body that any girl in her 20’s dreams of!


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