“Breaking Bad” 10th Anniversary: 20 Most Memorable Moments Of The Series

It’s been ten years since Breaking Bad, arguably the greatest show ever to grace a television screen, came to its tragic end—to say the very least. A day like today of 2008, we saw Walter White for the first time, a simple chemistry teacher who one day would become the king of meth business.

Since that day, the show has become a pop-culture sensation. From the well scripted story, to Bryan Cranston and Aaron Paul’s impeccable acting, to the majestic ending of the series, which actually lived up to the expectations, Breaking Bad is still, to this day, the best thing we’ve ever seen on TV.

Yes, ten years later and we’re still not close to being over it. So, to distract you from the gaping hole in your life, we’ve put together some of the best moments from the show—from the funniest Jesse scenes to the most devastating deaths in TV history. Ready? Let’s cook…


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