Happy Australia Day! 21 Celebrities Born In The Land Down Under

Australia, the land down under, home of the kangaroos and the crocodiles, and birthplace of many talented and renowned names in the entertainment industry. In fact, you probably think some of your favorite stars are Americans, when in fact they are proud Aussies hiding their distinctive accent just to play a part.

Surely when you think Australians it immediately comes to your mind the vision of a tall, tan surfer, with long blonde wavy hair—right? Well, you’ll be surprise to learn that not every Aussie looks like that! (Except for the Hemsworth brothers, ‘cause they actually are a pair of beachy dreams!)

We may live on the other side of the hemisphere, but that doesn’t mean we can’t celebrate Australia day, right? From Nicole Kidman and Hugh Jackman to Iggy Azalea and Dacre Montgomery, here are 22 celebrities—in all shapes and sizes—that were born in the Great Southern Land.


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