Tom Selleck and 16 Other Hot Mustached Men In Showbusiness!

We have Milo Ventimiglia’s 70’s style hairy upper lip and Joe Jonas hipster caterpillar. But, let’s face it—Tom Selleck’s iconic mustache is the absolute epitome of facial fur perfection.

Authoritative yet warm, pronounced but not ironic… bristly, but plump enough to minimize tickle, Tom Selleck’s mustache is emblematic of a masculine ideal. In fact, more than his good looks and incredible talent, it is his steadfast s’tache what has cemented Tom Selleck as one of Hollywood’s eternal hotties.

And while a man who can grow a mustache that outdoes Tom’s has not yet been more, there certainly are plenty celebrities who’ve come pretty close. Celebrating Tom Selleck’s 73 birthday, here are 16 men who’ve managed to rock this facial hair style.


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