15 Anti-Valentine’s Day Movies Perfect For Singles To Watch

Thanksgiving is the day to be grateful. Christmas celebrates the birth of baby Jesus. And Valentine’s Day is about Hallmark cards and excessive chocolate consumption and not much else.

Is there any other fake holiday as revolting as Valentine’s Day? But only when you’re single, though. Otherwise you’d be spending this shell of a holiday watching Crazy Stupid Love and The Notebook.

Trouble is, if you’re alone, it’s hard to watch romantic comedies or happily-ever-after fairy tales without crying yourself to sleep. Luckily for you, there are plenty of films that showcase the darker side of love—because watching how messed up relationships can be is oddly calming for us singletons!

From 500 Days of Summer to Requiem for a Dream, these anti-Valentine’s Day movies are the perfect alternative to the Hollywood mantra that everyone has a happy ending. With just one week before V’ Day, here are 15 films that will make you see that being alone isn’t always that bad.

Revel in the thought that some people have it worse than you!


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