15 Reasons We Can’t Stop Crushing On Tom Hiddleston

Today, February 9, we want to take a moment to thank, from the bottom of our heart, arts administrator and former stage manager Diana Patricia, and physical chemist James Norman Hiddleston, whom 37 years ago brought to this world the utterly irresistible Tom Hiddleston.

Thank you for his beautiful smile. Thank you for his seductive voice. Thank you for giving him that smoking bod. Thank you for raising him to be the quintessentially gentleman that he is.

Just, thank you.

Words can’t express how blessed we feel to have Tom Hiddleston in our lives. We didn’t know how much our lives were lacking on British sexiness until we saw him for starring in Thor as Loki and well— here we are gushing over his very existence.

And although we don’t really need a reason to celebrate the, it is in fact Tom’s birthday. So what better way to commemorate the day that his parents (and the Asgardian gods) gifted the world with this heartthrob than narrowing down some of the many, many reasons why we love Tom Hiddleston?


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