16 Celebrities Who Have Successfully Kept Their Pregnancies A Secret

Reality TV star, makeup mogul, and CIA agent. We’re talking about Kylie Jenner, the 20-year-old new mom who against all odds managed to kept her pregnancy a secret and away from the cameras until just a couple days ago, when she decided to share the news with the world in a cute video that quickly approaches the 50 million views mark.

Taking into account that not only her family, but Kylie herself, with 102 million followers on Instagram alone, is probably one of the most observed people on the planet, the fact that we didn’t know for sure that she was expecting until she decided to announce it on her own terms—well, it frankly is quite impressive.

And while the feat is worthy of an undercover spy like the ones we see in movies, Kylie is not the first celebrity to successfully keep her pregnancy a secret. In fact, in an effort to escape the often times overwhelming fame, many stars in Hollywood have decided to keep the experience under wraps, even months after having welcomed their little bundles of joy.

From Kylie, to Anna Kournikova, to Kirsten Dunst, these celebrities are proof that it is possible to keep a secret in Hollywood—even when you’re carrying around the undeniable evidence for full 9 months!


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