16 Celebrities Who Have Successfully Kept Their Pregnancies A Secret

  • These celebrities are proof that it is possible to keep a secret in Hollywood—even when you’re carrying around the undeniable evidence for full 9 months! (Photo: WENN)

  • Though we all knew she was expecting, Kylie Jenner did manage to keep her baby bump from the cameras. She confirmed the news of her pregnancy via Instagram until her baby girl was already born! (Photo: WENN)

  • Fans were surprised to learn that very private Anna Kournikova and Enrique Iglesias welcomed twins in December 2017 since there were no signs on social media that the couple were expecting. (Photo: WENN)

  • News that Khloé Kardashian was pregnant broke just one day after we learned Kylie was expecting too. Koko managed to hide the bump for months before she decided to confirm the news on social media when she was already five months along her pregnancy. (Photo: WENN)

  • Kirsten Dunst confirmed she’s pregnant with her first child as she cradled her already very noticeable baby bum in a glamorous fashion shoot. The actress managed to keep her pregnancy a secret for at least five months. (Photo: WENN)

  • Just like the first time around, Eva Mendes and Ryan Gosling managed to keep it mum that they’re expecting a sibling for their daughter Esmeralda. (Photo: WENN)

  • Alexis Bledel kept both her pregnancy and her son’s birth under wraps for months! It was Scott Patterson, her Gilmore Girls costar, who said she had “really blossomed” as a woman now that she was “a proud new mother.” (Photo: WENN)

  • Leighton Meester didn’t let on to the fact that she was expecting her first child with husband Adam Brody until they stepped out with undeniable evidence! (a.k.a. the baby) (Photo: WENN)

  • No one even knew Hilarie Burton and Jeffrey Dean Morgan were dating when the news that they had quietly welcomed their first son together broke months after the delivery. (Photo: WENN)

  • By the time Isla Fisher was pregnant with baby number three with husband Sacha Baron, the only way word got around was when she pulled out of her role in Now You See Me 2. Not even her co-stars noticed her terrible morning sickness! (Photo: WENN)

  • Donald Glover confirmed that he’d welcomed a son during his 2017 Golden Globes acceptance speech for Best Actor—Television Series Musical or Comedy, although he has yet to confirm his son’s mother’s identity. (Photo: WENN)

  • The always private Kerry Washington kept her first pregnancy concealed until she was about four months along, when a stint on S.N.L. made it hard to hide! (Photo: WENN)

  • Jennifer Garner kept her baby news under wraps while pregnant with son Samuel, even hiding her morning sickness from cast mates on set when she was shooting. (Photo: WENN)

  • It was her friend and Octavia Spencer who spilled the beans that Viola David became had become a mom “like, two days ago,” as she said. And we never even knew she was pregnant! (Photo: WENN)

  • Megan Fox didn’t just keep her pregnancy a secret—for a bit there, she kept the father a secret, too! The mysterious guy ended up being her estranged husband, with whom she had reconciled during the pregnancy—obviously. (Photo: WENN)

  • Queen B and Jay-Z managed to hide their first pregnancy for a few months, before Beyoncé herself decided un unveil her baby bump at the VMA’s 2011—when she already was five months pregnant! (Photo: WENN)

  • Uma Thurman waited months before finally revealing that she was expecting her third child at the age of 41—although her baby bump had been fueling speculations long before she broke the news. (Photo: WENN)

These celebrities are proof that it is possible to keep a secret in Hollywood—even when you’re carrying around the undeniable evidence for full 9 months! (Photo: WENN)

Reality TV star, makeup mogul, and CIA agent. We’re talking about Kylie Jenner, the 20-year-old new mom who against all odds managed to kept her pregnancy a secret and away from the cameras until just a couple days ago, when she decided to share the news with the world in a cute video that quickly approaches the 50 million views mark.

Taking into account that not only her family, but Kylie herself, with 102 million followers on Instagram alone, is probably one of the most observed people on the planet, the fact that we didn’t know for sure that she was expecting until she decided to announce it on her own terms—well, it frankly is quite impressive.

And while the feat is worthy of an undercover spy like the ones we see in movies, Kylie is not the first celebrity to successfully keep her pregnancy a secret. In fact, in an effort to escape the often times overwhelming fame, many stars in Hollywood have decided to keep the experience under wraps, even months after having welcomed their little bundles of joy.

From Kylie, to Anna Kournikova, to Kirsten Dunst, these celebrities are proof that it is possible to keep a secret in Hollywood—even when you’re carrying around the undeniable evidence for full 9 months!

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