Birthday Special: Eleven Reasons Why We Are Proud Members Of The Millie Bobby Brown Club

The fierce shaved head. Her love for Eggo’s. The inherited psychokinetic abilities. The world has been fangirling hard on Millie Bobby Brown ever since she forever blessed our screens as the mysteriously adorable Eleven in the Netflix 80’s nostalgia thriller show, Stranger Things.

However, though mesmerizing, her breakout role isn’t the only reason why we are gripped with this British youngster. In fact, it is her real-life persona what has further fueled our obsession with Millie. She acts, she raps, she has her head in the right place, she’s got an amazing sense of humor, and she loves whales. That’s the whole package right there!

Is it weird we want to be her when we grow up?

Celebrating her 14th birthday, here are eleven reasons (obvious pun intended) why we are proud members of the ever-growing Millie Bobby Brown Club. And yes—we may have had to narrow it down from 2,538,790…


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