The Rise Of Trophy Husbands: Amal Clooney and 14 Other Powerhouse Women Married To An Arm Candy

They are successful, accomplished, wealthy, and ambitious. The modern alpha women are breaking the glass ceiling and shifting bread-winning roles and arrangements around in their marriages.

And as society becomes more gender neutral, the “trophy husband” is becoming the hottest fashion accessory out there. Because women no longer need the help of a man—except, of course, for when they want something pretty and shiny to go with their outfits!

I mean— just look at the Clooneys. Sure, George has won a few Oscars and starred in some blockbusters, but Amal is a freaking international and human rights attorney who reportedly speaks three languages.

Point Amal.

But George, who has made no secret of the fact that he’s the arm candy in his marriage, is not the only guy in Hollywood who isn’t afraid or ashamed to assume the “wind beneath her wings” role.

Celebrating Amal Clooney’s birthday and the rest of the women on top, here’s a round-up of 15 trophy husbands who don’t mind being eclipsed on occasion. Because a successful, sexy men can handle equally sexy, successful women.


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