Daniels Craig And 15 Other Hot Daniels In Showbusiness For Your Own Visual Pleasure!

They come tall and short, fat and thin, bald and with luscious hair—but regardless of the outside presentation, they’re all exceedingly charismatic and unbelievably talented. We’re talking about the numerous famous Daniels in showbusiness!

Sure—when you hear this name probably what first comes to mind is the Daniel Craig wearing the crap out of formalwear. I mean, we get it! That’s a picture that simply can’t be undone. And we’re more than fine with that. But you should know that, luckily for us, there are plenty other Daniels to look at in Hollywood. And you’ll be happy to hear some are just as handsome as your favorite British Secret Service agent!

In honor of Daniel Craig’s 50th birthday, here are other 15 famous Daniels (Dan’s, Dannys, and last-name Daniels) that you should keep an eye on. You know—for your own visual pleasure.


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