Famous Moles: 13 Gorgeous Celebrities Embracing Their Facial Beauty Marks

There is something incredibly attractive about a facial beauty mark. They draw attention to the face in the subtlest way, making a juicy lip way sexier and a captivating look even more interesting.

And although there are many who feel embarrassed by their unique spots and often cover them up with makeup and even try to permanently have them removed, there are others who instead embrace their beauty marks and make them a distinctive and noticeable part of their look.

When you think about it, beauty marks, birthmarks, moles—whatever you want to call them! —are what makes celebrities like Cindy Crawford, Eva Mendes, and Khloé Kardashian stand out in an industry full with blank-canvas-like faces

Find inspiration to wear your mole proudly with the help of 13 celebrities who have embraced their facial beauty marks—and a couple that like moles so much they’ve to fake it!


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