Hobnobbing With The British Royals: 15 Celebrities Who Are Knights And Dames

It is one thing to be admired by fans from all around the globe and be celebrated by your colleagues in the industry. But it is another that your work is so dang good that not even the Queen of England herself can ignore it.

Though you may know him for their acting and music careers, these celebrities are all part of a selective group that hobnobs with the British royals! Ok—that may be quite a stretch, but they at least have been honored by them!

Whether it is because of their contribution to the arts or their philanthropic efforts, the work of A-listers like Ringo Starr, who was recently honored after decades of waiting, the iconic Sir Elton John, and even a couple of Americans, was worthy enough to garner them the title of Knights and Dames.

Click through our photo gallery above to see a list of 15 celebrities who have joined the ranks of stars that have joined the ranks of British chivalry!


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