Meet Khaleesi’s Best Friend: 15 Things You Should Know About Nathalie Emmanuel

You may know her for her big curly hair, her iconic septum piercing, or for those colorful lipsticks she loves to wear on the red carpet. Although, now that we’re thinking about it, the reason why you find the beautiful Nathalie Emmanuel so familiar probably is because she stars in Game of Thrones as the slave-turned-interpreter-turned-Khaleesi’s best friend Missandei.

Oh, yes! That’s where you know her from.

This British star reached stardom since starring in HBO’s fantasy series in 2013. But there’s much more to Emmanuel than her friendship to the Mother of Dragons and her mind-blowing language skills (although she just speaks English in real life).

Celebrating her 29th birthday, here’s everything you should know about the talented Nathalie Emmanuel!


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