Whatever Happened To Steve From Blue’s Clues? Mystery Solved!

It’s been over 20 years since Blue’s Clues first graced our TV screens. And now, Nickelodeon is ready to release 20 brand new episodes of the beloved children’s series. But what most surprised fans of the show (mind you, now adults with their own kids!) probably wasn’t the reboot itself but rather that Steve, the boy in the green striped shirt, won’t be a part of it. And we all wonder why…

Is he too busy sitting on his thinking chair? Or did he get lost wandering inside one of the painting in his house? Perhaps he finally ran into a mystery that he still hasn’t been able to solve. Or maybe, just maybe, rumors on the internet are true and Steve tragically passed away many years ago.

Whatever happened to Steve?! Find the A’s to all your Q’s on the whereabouts of Blue’s owner (and some people’s first fictional boyfriend—yes, we’re looking at you!) in our photo gallery!


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