Book-Loving Celebs: 12 Celebrities Sharing Their Favorite Books On Instagram

Books are educational, fun, and addictive. And, when in the right hands, they can be also become one’s favorite leisure time for pleasure activity, even to those who wouldn’t necessarily call themselves bookworms.

A picture of a celebrity holding a book is always striking. What story could be so damn entertaining that they would take time off from their hectic schedules to sit down, forget about the world, and dive into the pages of a book?

Many celebs use books to wind off after a busy day on set, the recording studio, or a glamorous red carpet. Luckily for us, star not only take the time to read, but also to share their recommendations and pass on their passion for reading with their million followers on social media.

Celebrating World Book Day, here are 12 celebrities sharing their favorite books on Instagram!


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