George Takei And 10 Other Celebrities Who Have The Misfortune Of Sharing Names With The Ultimate “George”, George Clooney

George Takei may be best known for his role as the legendary Mr. Sulu on Star Trek, but there’s far more to Takei than manning the helm of the USS Enterprise. He is a businessman, a social media star, and an activist.

But despite all of the above, when we hear his name, our mind begins to wander, and “George Takei” suddenly becomes just “George” and thus we inevitably end up thinking about our dream boyfriend (and Amal’s trophy husband) George Clooney.

So, sorry, Takei! But you’re definitely not the best George in Hollywood. Although, since it is his birthday, we’re going to cut him some slack and acknowledge the fact that he is competing against one of the hottest man the world has ever seen. So George Takei’s might as well be called Old McDonald but we’d still be thinking about Clooney.

What a terrible time to be named George! But at least the Star Trek actor is not suffering alone. Click through our photo gallery above and check out 10 other celebrities who have the misfortune of sharing names with the one and only George Clooney.

(Yes—you guessed correctly. None of them is nearly as handsome as George Clooney is!)


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