Ariana Grande And 10 Other Celebrities Who Moved On To New Relationships Way Too Fast

To be fair, when you look like any of these celebrities, no one expect you to be single for long.

Ariana Grande and Pete Davidson took the world by surprise when it was revealed that the two are now casually dating following their very recent splits from longtime partners Mac Miller and Cazzie Davidson, respectively.

And though this rebound is faster than Usain Bolt, this is not the first time—and it certainly won’t be the last—that a celebrity has moved on to a new relationship way too soon. Sure, ee’re familiar with the notion of love at first sight, but these stars haven’t even let the dead body of their past relationships cool off before they’ve moved on to the next one.

From the Taylor Swift and Tom Hiddleston 2016 circa to the infamous Abel+Selena+Justin love triangle, click through our photo gallery to see 10 celebrities who’ve made it seem awfully quick for them to jump into a new romance considering their very recent splits. Guess you can’t fight love, right?


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