Happy 4th Anniversary! Kimye’s 15 Most Romantic Pictures

For every rip, there is a patch; for every man there is a woman. And Kim Kardashian certainly is the perfect match for Kanye West.

They are both successful, business savvy, controversial, and, let’s face it, a little bit too full of themselves—which ironically makes them perfect for each other, because we’re not sure there’s another human in this world who could put up with such egos other than someone who’s equally narcissistic.

The friends-turned-lovers have built an empire together—the West Kardashian empire, that is—that is not only taking over the music, entertainment, and beauty world, but also that will surely last for many more years to come (we see you, North, Saint and Chicago!).

But money and businesses aside (never thought we’d say those words talking about Kim and Kanye), Kimye has given us plenty of truly romantic moments—and plenty of quotes about each other that can only be described as very Kanye—that have, against all odds, cemented their place in our “Couple Goals” list.

Celebrating Kim and Kanye’s 4th wedding anniversary, we’ve rounded up 15 of their most romantic Instagrams from their time together. Long live Kimye!


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