Twitter Thinks Pamela Anderson And Julian Assange’s 100% Real Picture Is 100% Disturbing

Pamela Anderson and Julian Assange’s not-so-secretive encounters at the Ecuadorian Embassy (a.k.a. Jule’s home for the last 6 years) have reached a new peak.

The iconic Baywatch actress shed a bit more light about her strange relationship with Assange in a big interview with the Hollywood Reporter. And though Pam shared the story of how se met the WikiLeaks founder and even went on to tell how the pair have grown to be quite the confidantes (and judging by those vegans sandwiches she usually brings him, probably something more than just friends), the interview didn’t surprised people nearly as much as the rare picture of the unlikely duo that accompanied the piece.

Many people doubted the the glamour photo of Anderson and Assange was real, but the Hollywood Reporter’s editorial director confirmed the snap is, in fact, real. And let me tell you, people are freaking out—and not for the right reasons.

Check out some of the reactions to Pamela Anderson and Julian Assange’s 100% real (and 100% disturbing) picture.


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