10 Reason Why We’ve Fallen In Love With Chris Evans

Chris Evans is our favorite famous Chris. He’s also our favorite avenger. Our favorite actor. Our favorite celebrity. To put it shortly, Chris is our all-time favorite people. No, we haven’t met him. And, realistically, we probably never will 🙁 . But that doesn’t mean he can’t be our favorite human being on the planet. Because you best believe he is!

Whether we’ve fallen for an incredibly effective PR and celebrity image management, or we’ve actually fallen for him, we are in love with Chris Evans. And how could we not?! Handsome, charming, sensitive, dashing, and patriotic—Chris seems to fit every woman and even some man’s type.

Celebrating his 37th birthday, here’s a list of 10 of all the existing things that the phenomenal Chris Evans has to offer—beyond his classic Captain America good looks, of course. Even if all of these reasons are just what his manager wants us to see, we’re ok with it.


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