10 Reasons Why Lionel Messi Is More Than Just The Best Soccer Player In The World

Messi has made outstanding things through his career. What he does on the soccer field has never been showcased before and probably never will be repeated after.

He doesn’t need a World Cup or any other award for that matter (although he has 5 Ballon d’Or’s and a gold Olympic medal). Just looking at what he has done with Barcelona and how he has changed the history of that club is proof enough to know that he is superhuman.

And though he often makes headlines on the pitch, off it he’s just as good. And that’s exactly why he’s not only one of the greatest soccer stars that has ever lived, but also one of the most amazing humans overall. Talented, humble, family centered, and surprisingly handsome, Lionel has got the whole package!

Celebrating his 31st birthday, here are 10 reasons why our favorite Argentinian has captured our hearts like nobody else in the history of soccer! Click through our photo gallery above and you too jump into the Messi addiction bandwagon!


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