10 Reasons Sylvester Stallone Is Still The Epitome Of Cool At 72

It’s been over three decades since Sylvester Stallone first played the troubled Vietnam War veteran. But even at 72, Sy proves that he still got his ripped-to-the-hell Rambo physique!

With a balanced diet, sweaty gym sessions, and an enviable fashion style, the Rocky star looks younger and more fit in his elderly years than he did when he was fitting guerrillas with an M-60 machine gun and knocking down his enemies on the ring. One pick at Sy’s Instagram page and you’ll see that age is just a number!

Celebrating this fitness icon’s birthday, here are 10 reasons why Sylvester Stallone is still the epitome. Click through our photo gallery above to see how this 72-year-old Italian Stallion can still throw an award-winning punch!


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