From Colombia To The World: 10 Celebrities Born In Colombia

If someone were to tell us, “Colombians are hot” we’d reply with “Duh!”. One look at bombshell Sofia Vergara or Demi Lovato’s one true love Wilmer Valderrama and you’ll understand why Colombians are some of the sexiest on showbusiness.

But as much as we appreciate their blessed physiques, these Colombians’ magic is not just about the looks—music, acting, sports… people from the country voted “The Happiest in the World” can do just about anything! I mean, there must be something in their water. Otherwise, why is everyone so freaking talented and utterly hot?

In honor of Colombian Independence Day, July 20, get to know some of pop culture’s reigning Colombian actors, musicians and personalities. Sofia Vergara is just the tip of the iceberg!


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