10 Celebrities With Extra Thin Brows That Will Remind You NOT To Go Back To That Awful 90’s Trend

Rhianna appeared on the cover of British Vogue flaunting two elegant wisps arranged atop her eyelids—a callback to a trend that was popular as recently as 20 years ago. And the singer’s devotees are loving her avant-garde look, as expected.

But don’t get it twisted, people. The time for razor-thin eyebrows has NOT come back. And it never will. Or at least it never should. So drop those tweezers, toss that wax, and step away of the thread before you do something you’ll regret years later, like it happens to some celebrities every damn time they look back at their 90’s and early 00’s pictures.

Luckily for them, these stars were able to bounce back from the thin, comma shaped of decades past. But we’ll forever have those awful pictures to show us how eyebrows can change your entire face. Click through our photo gallery above to see 10 celebrities with disturbingly thin eyebrows to remind you NOT to pluck until you look like the Bride of Chucky. You’ve been warned.


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