10 Reasons Birthday Boy Joe Jonas Is Total Husband Material

Although our hearts did break a little when we heard Joe Jonas and Sophie Turner had gotten engaged—as in those 13 years of fangirling over him were for nothing—, we’ll be the first to say we totally get why the Game of Thrones star didn’t hesitate to say yes.

Don’t let his quirky bandmates and crazy lyrics fool you. Joe Jonas is total husband material—and by far Sansa Stark’s most decent fiancé yet. Of course, that’s not very hard to achieve when your opponents are Tyrion Lannister (I’m sorry, but it’s true!) and Ramsay Bolton. But still, Joe Jonas has many qualities that will for sure make him the best husband the North has ever seen!

In honor of his 29th birthday, here are 10 reasons why Joe Jonas will make a great hubby. Not the best way to cope with Joe’s impending wedding, but hey—at least we get to fancy what could have been ours!


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