10 Things You Should Know About Lana Condor From “To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before”

Netflix’s adorable teen rom-com To All The Boy I’ve Loved Before didn’t only cause us to fall in love with the ridiculously handsome Noah Centineo (or to propel him into bonafide superstardom, for that matter). We’ve also developed sort of an unsettling obsession with Lana Condor, the girl behind Lara Jean.

She plays a strong and vulnerable young woman—not too mention that, for a junior, she’s one fierce boss—. More importantly, Lana has become somewhat of a vessel for Asian women, who are rarely represented in the teen rom-com department. So it’s only natural that Condor is garnering all the online love.

And since all it took was a movie, a teal hatbox, and a crap ton of love letter for us to be head over heels with this promising star, something tells us that after learning these 10 fun facts about Lana Condor we won’t stop talking about her in a long, long time.


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