10 Pictures Of Danielle Brooks That Will Inspire You To LOVE Your Body Unconditionally

You may know her as the flyest Litchfield Penitentiary inmate Tasha “Taystee” Jefferson, but to us, Danielle Brooks is the voice of the curves, our self-esteem inspiration, and the ultimate body positivity warrior.

Since becoming a Hollywood sensation overnight thanks to her lovable role in the Netflix hit show Orange Is The New Black, this curvaceous goddess has been taking beauty standards into her own hands, being outspoken about loving her body and encouraging her social media followers to do the same.

“The body is your ride or die, literally,” she wrote in an inspiring Instagram post. “I’m thankful that my body functions at 100 regardless of the imperfections the world might see. It holds me up. It sustains me through long work weeks. It takes me on trips around the world, and carries me through my most stressful days and my most exciting.”

And just like she brightens the entire show whenever Taystee is on screen with her sassy one-liners, best dance on TV and her sweet friendship with Poussey, Danielle cheers up our souls with her uplifting and empowering Instagram posts.

In honor of her 28th birthday, here are 10 photos of Danielle Brooks that have motivated us to love ourselves unconditionally!


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