Who Is Lewis Hamilton? Meet Nicki Minaj’s New Boyfriend

Who is Lewis Hamilton? Here’s a rundown of the boy who’s got Nicki Minaj’s heartbeat runnin’ away.

Nicki Minaj and her new boyfriend made their Instagram debut after weeks of rumors of a romance. But unless you are slightly familiar with Formula One, we won’t judge you if you don’t know who Lewis Hamilton is.

If his name doesn’t ring a bell, perhaps you’ll remember him as the beautiful Winnie Harlow’s ex-boyfriend, or the man behind Tommy Hilfiger’s latest celebrity collaboration, Lewis x Tommy. However, racing aficionados know Lewis Hamilton *only* the most famous Formula One driver in world.

Understandably, after learning this English hottie has more titles and championships than you, me, and everyone we know, we did a little digging. And let’s just say we can’t blame Nicki Minaj for falling hard for this ace behind the wheel.

So, who is Lewis Hamilton? Certainly, much more than just the hip-hop diva’s new man! Click through our photo gallery above to see learn everything there’s to know about our favorite female rapper’s new boyfriend (sorry, Cardi!).


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