8 Plus-Size Celebrities Who Have Proven Beauty Has Nothing to Do With Numbers

These plus-size celebrities are larger in volume. But they are also larger in so many other ways!

It’s hard to be a heavier girl when society and media have built up so many stereotypes on what the perfect women should look like enough to fill this entire page. The world often makes us feel like we don’t belong, finding cute clothes is nearly impossible, not to mention the never-ending name calling.

But we’re going to let you in on a little secret. Feeling beautiful and sexy and powerful even when you are a size 16 and plus, doesn’t have anything to do with how other perceives you. In the words of Gaborey Sidibe, “what matters is what you see.”

Yes! Easier said than done. But once you take the first step towards accepting your body the rest comes easily. And, luckily for us, these plus-size celebrities are here to help us on the process of loving ourselves.

In honor of National Plus-Size appreciation day, here are 8 plus-size celebrities who love every inch of their curvy bodies and are using their platforms to help others do so too! Hopefully retailers take a minute to click through this photo gallery too.


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