Short Male Celebrities: 10 Men In Hollywood Who Are Surprisingly Tiny

There are many reasons why we love Josh Hutcherson. For starters—he’s hot. Maybe a bit too petit. But, hey! There are plenty of short male celebrities who are living proof that height is not directly proportional to handsomeness.

Some men feel awkward hanging out with people taller than them. However, these short male celebrities don’t seem to care about their diminutive statures. I mean, after all, they’re hot, rich, and famous. And don’t even try to pretend you wouldn’t sacrifice a bit of height for this set of attributes!

In honor of 5’5” Josh Hutcherson’s birthday, here are 10 short male celebrities who are a bit “vertically challenged.” They may be below the average height for the American male, but that hasn’t stopped them from making it big in Hollywood!


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