7 Reasons Ross Was The Worst Character On Friends

There were many cringy Ross moments on Friends. Like when he faked a British accent to appear cooler before his student. Or when he wouldn’t stop doing his quiet down thing. Or when he actually tried to sleep with his cousin.

Like, yeah, Ross, we get it. Denise Richards is hot AF. But, dude, she was your cousin…

Now, we know we all come with our flaws. But once you put all these isolated events together, you’ll realize that Ross was the worst character on Friends. Like, he actually was the one thing on that show that would want us to throw our screens out the window.

We know it’s David Schwimmer’s 52nd birthday, and that we should be celebrating him on his special day. But we’ll never forgive him for playing the most terrible boyfriend/ friend/ brother/ coworker in TV history.

Click through our photo gallery above to see 7 reasons why Ross was the worst character on Friends. This psycho really didn’t deserve to be a part of such a cool little group.


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