10 Stories Of When Meeting Your Favorite Celebrity Lives Up To Your Expectations

Meeting your favorite celebrity doesn’t always have to be an absolute disenchantment.

It’s not uncommon to idolize and idealize people whose work you admire. It’s easy to imagine that the person who could create such beauty or who could actor or write with such extraordinary insight and sensitivity must be a remarkable human being.

And that’s exactly why they say to never meet your hero. Because when you finally see them face to face and find out they’re not as amazing as you pictured them to be, you will end up utterly disappointed and could even lose your appreciation of something that was important to you, or that you found beautiful or moving.

However, sometimes, meeting your idol can turn out to be the most remarkable experience of your life. There’s an instant connection, the two of you become lasting friends—or better yet, mentor and mentee—and you end up loving them more than you ever thought you could.

With the deluge of disheartening stories about A-listers being rude to their fans, these viral stories of when meeting your favorite celebrity will restore your faith in Hollywood.


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