10 Ways In Which Ariel Winter Is Completely Different From Alex Dunphy

One is a sexy super star. The other is a dorky nerd. But there are far many more reasons why Ariel Winter is completely different from Alex Dunphy.

By definition, acting is when an actor adopts a character. But Ariel Winter takes this performing thing to a whole different level. She not only takes off her own high heels to step into Alex Dunphy’s Converse—she slips out of her glam outfits, full face of makeup, and eyelash extensions to play the brainiac middle child we all know and love.

After playing the Alex for over a decade, one would think Ariel would identify with her a little more. But Winter and Dunphy could not me more different from one another. Is like if actress had grown up to be the anthesis of her character!

In honor of her 21st birthday, here are 10 ways in which Ariel Winter is completely different from Alex Dunphy. Something tells us Hailey would much better get along with Alex’ real-life persona.


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