18 Fun Facts About Ashton Kutcher Not Even Mila Kunis Knows About!

Here are some fun facts about Ashton Kutcher not even his wife Mila Kunis knows about. I mean, not really, but you catch our drill.

There are several leading men in Hollywood whom we love dearly (we see you, Zac Efron). But we have to say, Ashton Kutcher definitely lands on the list of most-wanted!

Not only is he funny, down to earth, and incredibly handsome (just look at the guy!), Ashton is also a philanthropist, business mogul, and a proud feminist. He’s got the whole package! No wonder Mila Kunis (and Demi Moore and Brittany Murphy and January Jones) fell for him!

But there’s a lot more to the actor than all the superficial yet very understandable reasons why we love him so. Click through our photo gallery above to learn 18 fun facts about Ashton Kutcher you probably didn’t know.


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