10 Celebrities Who Regret Playing An Iconic Role

She has openly talked about the negative effects the Disney Channel hit series had on her growing up. But that didn’t stop Miley Cyrus from channeling her inner Hannah Montana in celebration of the show’s anniversary.

Earlier this week, the singer restyled her hair to look exactly like her TV alter ego and shared the transformation on Instagram Stories. And as if dyeing her hair blonde and adding blunt bangs wasn’t enough, Miley then went on to share clips of herself singing Hanna Montana’s hit songs.

While Cyrus seems to be having the time of her life honoring the role that made her famous in the first place, other actors may find it difficult to relate.

Because it is such a rocky road to reach Hollywood fame, there’s at least a few projects that every star regrets in the span of their career. For some, the roles that they regret are actually their most famous work. Click through to see 10 celebrities who regret playing an iconic role.


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