More Than A Cheater: 10 Facts About Tristan Thompson

There’s one word that come to mind when you hear the name Tristan Thompson: cheating. For the last year, Tristan has made headlines for his multiple flings and infidelity allegations (more like actualities), more recently involving the now former honorary Kardashian Jordyn Woods.

In the midst of his cheating scandals, it’s easy to forget that Tristan Thompson is more than just a ladies’ man—regardless of saying stating that once a cheater always a cheater. In fact, he is an NBA star, a philanthropist, a hardcore Canadian, and a family man—in his own, unique, twisted way.

To celebrate his birthday, here are 10 facts about Tristan Thompson that prove there’s much more to him than his scandalous flings. Although, honestly, is hard to look pass such a juicy cheating scandal!


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