7 Pictures of Emily Ratajkowski’s Abs That Wil ABSolutely Blow Your Mind

It’s quite common to see Emily Ratajkwoski’s abs on her Instagram. Whether it is a tiny bikini, a sexy crop top, or no clothes at all, the Victoria’s Secret Angel is never afraid to show some skin— and we don’t blame her!

While her insanely toned 6 pack might inspire envy all around, what might be more valuable is she knows how to rock—it bears repeating—her hard-rock stomach in the sexiest outfits without revealing too much (although there’s always the exception to the rule!)

In honor of her 28th birthday, here are 7 pictures of EmRata flaunting her flat tummy that will ABSolutely blow your mind. Because there are no blurred lines when it comes to Emily Ratajkowski’s abs.


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