WATCH: Mel B gets robbed!

Former Spice Girls singer Mel B has offered a $5000 reward for anyone who can help track down this thief!

The man can be seen acting suspiciously in front of her Beverly Hills home before he proceeds to break into her car.

He then leaves the scene in his own car while Mel B’s security cameras catch all of the action.

“I have a 5 thousand dollar reward to anyone who no’s this a** h***,I don’t care who was involved I want this guy caught, (sic)” she wrote on Instagram.

“At 542am last night this scum bag did this to my car DM my husband @stephenthinks11 we will wire you the monies for turning him in,the police are investigating but I need your help NOW right on my own door step in Los Angeles Beverly Hills.”

Check it out!


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