Twitter Is Going Crazy Over This Video of Mariah Carey Sitting On An Invisible Chair

Mariah Carey made headlines at the beginning of this holiday month—and not because of her classic Christmas single.

Last week, fans shared a video of Mariah signing autographs in the middle of her show. Initially, it appeared as if Carey was sitting on a stool. But when she stood, people realized the so-called furniture was made of nothing but AIR.  How did she do it?!

“To enlarge the video click in the lower right corner of the player”

Twitter certainly had an opinion about MC’s powerful squat.

“That really was amazing. Perfect posture & everything,” a fan tweeted. “She made a perfect right angle. Queen of Trigonometry,” someone else commented.

Fans also went on to speculate about how she managed to balance so comfortably. Watch our video to check some of their crazy theories!


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